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Time is TBD


Zoom - but you don't need to app to attend

Creativity Coaching - One to One

Use these sessions to enhance your creative output, generate new material, overcome procrastination, explore themes, symbols, characters, tones, finesse your ideas, or simply be held accountable and get more done.

Creativity Coaching - One to One
Creativity Coaching - One to One

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zoom - but you don't need to app to attend


About the Event

[Please ignore the time on this event. We can arrange a time to suit you. Please read the description carefully].  

Hi there!

Are you an artist, a writer, a musician, or dancer? Do you have any aspirations at all in the creative arts?

Whether you're a complete beginner with no ideas, or a seasoned professional working in a particular field, increase your productivity and artistic output with weekly creativity coaching sessions. 

Coaching is a confidential space for you to explore and/or generate your ideas. It is a space in which a professional creative coach (Sean) will help you fulfil your creative potential, through goal setting and accountability. 

Sometimes it will be conversational. Other times it may involve creative journalling. It will always be unique and tailored to precisely what you'd like to achieve with a given project at the time of the session. 

No constraints. You are free to explore any aspect of your work - whether by theme, tone, character, symbol, register, or meaning - and get live feedback, to bolster your ideas and approach.

The sessions can also be used to defeat procrastination, creative block, or any other life issues (time, confidence, anxiety, relationships, friendships, family, or commitments) that might be getting in the way of your creative output.

We have experience and training using cognitve behavioural techniques, transactional analysis, and a vast store of creative exercises from years hosting creative writing and journalling sessions.

If you dream of being a succesful artist or writer (in any of the above mentioned fields), RSVP and we'll be in contact via email to see if you think creativity coaching might help you. 

Alternatively, please feel free to text on 07534 981 636 if you'd like to arrange a free, friendly, 15-minute telephone consultation.

We can't wait to hear from you! 

*Please note that coaching not free - but we do endeavour to provide it based upon your affordability. Coaching in the UK averagely costs approx. £65 per session/per hour. It can be as low as £40 per hour. So please do let us know what your situation is, and we can hopefully accomodate you. 


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