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Zoom - you don't need to app or an account

Career Mentorship ... + Business Coaching

Join a highly experienced, qualified career coach. Hone your ideas, your values, your CV and cover letter. Craft a definitive path to a completely new job or business... and achieve it!

Career Mentorship ... + Business Coaching
Career Mentorship ... + Business Coaching

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zoom - you don't need to app or an account

About the Event

Hi there!

My name's Sean. 

I've been teaching, hosting, coaching, and mentoring for the past 8+ years. I'm a qualified career coach (until recently I worked for the highest-rated career coaching agency in the UK) and have extensive experience in creative brainstorming with all manner of professional clients. 

If you're looking to build something special in your career, to change direction, design or implement a new project, build a business, work on professional relationships, reputation, skills, promotion, an ideal location, salary, role or industry, I'm 100% certain I can help (moreover, I'm fully confident that you will come away with written, tangible evidence of your progress).

If you'd like to explore having career-, business-, or project-coaching with me, I'm available to help with any of the following:

  1. Listening intently with the utmost compassion, to "where you're at"
  2. Guiding you through values-based exercises to determine your ideal client, role or industry
  3. Re-narrativizing your experience and skillset to suit a new role
  4. Providing editorial feedback on your CV
  5. Doing the same for your cover letter
  6. Teaching you to write a personal mission statement and/or value proposition
  7. Creating weekly or bi-weekly goals
  8. Holding you accountable to these goals
  9. Co-creating a "community map" to start networking (if needed)
  10. Coaching you on any emotional issues that come up along the way (anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, sadness, anger, etc., etc....)
  11. Helping you disentangle problems in difficult personal relationships impeding your progress
  12. Doing the same for any difficult professional relationships
  13. Preparing you for interview(s)
  14. Discussing answers to questions that might come up
  15. Outlining a 3- or 5- year plan for the ideal working life (location, salary, work-life balance, relationship(s))
  16. Chunking it down into manageable steps
  17. Gifting you our workbook, so you have tangible, written documentation of each bit of progress you make along the way.

+ In addition to all of this, I'll be more than happy to brainstorm solutions to anything else you need (website presence, branding, social media strategy, project building, people management, creative side projects, etc., etc., etc.)!

I've worked with everybody from change consultants to project managers, poets to screenwriters, CEOs to COOs, entrepreneurs to office managers, mums to dads, students to graduates, retail workers to bar staff... you name it. 

This is a genuine opportunity to guarantee the advancement of your career.

Join me for 8 weeks. Use our sessions to create outlines, plans, goals, and content, to converse, explore, share, and ultimately overcome any hurdle you might be facing. Throughout this time, I will be your personal advocate, with 100% guaranteed confidentiality.

For me, nothing is too silly, absurd, dark, difficult or challenging. I'm absolutely here to help you. 

So please feel free to contact me (if/when you feel ready) and let's have a FREE 30-minute chat, so you can tell me a bit about what you'd like to achieve!

In terms of cost: business and career coaching of this sort would usually cost £150+ per session. I've worked with big agencies and know it can cost much more (£350+). With me, it will be only a fraction of this cost.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to explore any options with me or simply to hear a bit. more about how we might work together - I'll be more than happy to help!


Case studies:

1. Working with an entrepreneur to build a business plan, a website, and weekly goals for her own dance workshop + personal trainer business.

2. Getting somebody who had previously only had experience in hospitality into a high-paid office management position.

3. Helping a public sector environmental academic get work as a copywriter/storyteller for sustainable brands and NGOs

4. Ensuring a French national with experience in the film industry creates a network in the UK and achieves a well-paid job in the British television industry.

5. Guiding a change consultant through the process of writing a novel.

6. Collaborating with a TedTalk applicant to produce a speech and take his public presence to the next level.

7. Coaching a business owner to develop his website content, his ideal client(s), and his approach to social media.

8. Holding space and weekly accountability sessions for a journalist with ADHD to achieve his work, brainstorm solutions, and arrange his life in more manageable ways.

+ many more besides.

TEXT 07534 981 636 if you'd like to explore some options!

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