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Write a Movie: 1-to-1 Tuition Over 12 Weeks

Learn how to create, draft, hone, format, and edit an idea for a movie. Partake in weekly exercises one-to-one and get your work ready to produce.

Write a Movie: 1-to-1 Tuition Over 12 Weeks

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Zoom - You Don't Need The App

About the Event

Hi there!

These are sessions for anyone who'd like to write a movie!

Whether you have an idea or not, join a professional creativity coach (Sean) and learn about:

  • Creating new ideas
  • Log-lines
  • Zero drafts
  • 1-pagers
  • Beat-sheets
  • Script formatting
  • Dialogue
  • Visual Scenes
  • 3-Act Structure
  • 5-Act Structure
  • Editing your script

By the end of the process, you will have a full movie written and ready to submit to competitions, agents, and producers.

Sean is a movie fanatic and has been teaching creative writing workshops for 6+ years. He has a BA in creative writing, an MA in comparative literature, is a professionally trained coach, and has trained with MetFilm and Scriptwriters&Co. as a screenwriter. 

Whether you're writing a rom-com, action, thriller, comedy, drama, an abstract, non-linear arthouse movie, or anything else, he will always be interested in the fine details of your project. Throughout the 12 weeks, he will coach you to develop your own ideas, to write, format, and edit your screenplay, as well as offering feedback, and taking you through a raft of exercises to heighten your knowledge of the form.

All of our one-to-one sessions are 100% confidential. So any ideas you discuss will remain absolutely private. 

If you have any questions at all, please text 07534 981 636. We're happy to help!

You're welcome also to a free 15-minute phone conversation to explore if/how this might be the best thing for you going forward.

Weekly sessions are £65

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